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Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Posted by imawheatwatcher on December 5, 2011

It’s official, I am now officially 30! I guess it makes sense since I am about to have my 4th little girl. All is right with my little world so I thought I would celebrate.

Who would like to win a $15 gift card to Emergency Essentials? It could be a great gift or just help lighten the load of the gift giving.

To enter please leave a comment on what your favorite food storage/preparedness item is. Is it powdered eggs? Your generator? Rotation system?

To get a second chance to enter please follow this blog or subscribe to it on your RSS feed. Then leave me a comment telling me you did so.

The winner will be chosen on Tuesday night and announced on Wednesday’s post.

Good luck!


16 Responses to “Happy Birthday to ME!!!!”

  1. Launi said

    Happy Birthday Kathy!!

    My favorite food storage item is my wheat. We’re using it like mad around here and I just learned the difference between Hard Red Winter wheat and White Wheat. Don’t actually care for the Red stuff and sadly, that’s what we have the most of. DRAT. It is good to learn about all this stuff though.


  2. Launi said

    Oh, and I follow and subscribe too. :}

  3. Laurel said

    Happy birthday (again!–I’m gonna wish you happy birthday all over the place, just be ready ;))!!!!!!!

    As for my favorite preparedness item, it’s TP. If there are no flashlights, I can (hopefully) build a fire. If there’s no food, I can probably kill someone’s pet or something 😉 … BUT, what to DO without TP?????????

    • Launi said

      Kill someone’s pet? Wow…

      • Laurel said

        I have pet chickens … What were you thinking? 😉 … But seriously, what to use if there’s no TP?? Have you considered? If so, share! … (And yes I’ve heard of using a phone book, but danged all those black ink marks on the butt! :P)

  4. Steacey said

    Happy Birthday again, Kathy! My favorite emergency preparedness item is all of it! It is comforting knowing I have something to fall back on if I can’t go to the store. Need to seriously bulk up on the TP, though.:)

  5. *LyndiLou* said

    Happy, Happy Birthday! 😀

    My favorite item in food storage is soup. I love stocking up when there’s a case lot sale and just having it all year round. That’s one we’re really good at rotating! 😉 Same with canned veggies like green beans and corn.

  6. *LyndiLou* said

    I’m pretty sure I subscribe to the RSS Feed… but I don’t really ever use it. How do I sign up to get them sent to my email? I clicked on Subscribe to Posts and it just took me to a page of coding. :S

  7. Jo Taylor said

    Happy Birthday Kathy. I am starting to get braver in the kitchen.

  8. Happy Birthday! My favorite food storage item is my dehydrator!

  9. I subscribe via RSS feed

  10. Julie Washburn said

    My favorite thing is the peace of mind that I have when I think of my storage supplies. I would say water is my favorite item though since we can’t do without it.

  11. Lisa said

    My most used are probably diced tomatoes and tomato sauce. I’m ALWAYS grabbing those from my storage pantry. My favorites would be all my bread making supplies though!

  12. Lisa said

    And of course I subscribe (I just don’t get to reader as often as I used to! Facebook is so much easier!)

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