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    Wheat Watchers meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday at 7:00 pm at Kathy's house.

    We've talked the talk, now it's time to walk the walk. I'm letting the blog, newsletter and e-mail do most of the talking and leaving the meetings open for much more DOING!

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Item of the Week

Posted by imawheatwatcher on December 1, 2011

Every Thursday I will post an “Item of the Week” to assemble our Preparedness kits. Don’t worry if you have just started and we are half way through the list. This will continue on a loop so we will eventually get back to the beginning. Start when you can, do what you can, and we will become prepared.

Right now we are gathering items for: School Student Backpack- Zip Lock Emergency Baggie!

This week we are gathering 1 emergency poncho (one size fits all).

If you have children in school please, please, PLEASE check with the school and see what their emergency plan is. Some schools have kits for all the students and some don’t. Plus you will want to know what the routine will be to pick up your kids after an emergency or during. For instance, I know this year my daughter’s school is working on kits for the students. I don’t believe they have a plan yet, but I also haven’t dug around to find out.

I will be making one of these kits for my husband. He goes to UVU and it didn’t occur to me that he would need one. I know he has a good car kit but there is a big chance that he won’t be in his car if something happens. And yes he does have an office kit too.


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