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July Wheat Watchers

Posted by imawheatwatcher on August 10, 2011

Sorry it has taken me so long to get the notes up. I am feeling better again and now have the energy to get this blog up and running.

Making Your Own Yogurt by Elaine S.
Fresh homemade yogurt boosts your immunity. 😉

Below are several methods for making yogurt and also a number of recipes.
Also included are some tips to assist you in your yogurt making.

~Whole milk makes creamier yogurt.
~you can also use skim milk, which makes a thinner yogurt. It may also take up to 1 1/2 time as long, or longer to set with skim milk.
~You can use goat milk, which also makes a thinner yogurt.
~You can use lactaid milk for those who are lactose intolerant. It makes a good yogurt and is very creamy.
~You can make yogurt from Soy Milk; however, I have never made yogurt from the commercial Soy Milk you purchase ready to drink from the store. I don’t know that it would work. I have, however, cooked and ground my own soy beans and made my own soy milk, which I have used to make yogurt. It works great.
~You can use pasteurized milk of any fat content (full, 2%, 1%, or fat free)
~You can use powdered milk
~You can use Long-life UHT sterilized milk (UHT means Ultra High Temperature) sterilized for a very short time (2 seconds) at ultra high temperatures. (137 degrees)
~Don’t jar or disturb your yogurt while it is processing, or place on a vibrating surface.
~Don’t expose to drafts
~Some recipes say NOT to cover jars
~You do not HAVE to bring your milk to boil. However, it may increase the time it takes to set.


~For the first batch, use a culture packet- a commercial start.
~You can use a commercial freeze dried yogurt start (you can find these at the Bosch Store)
~A 6 oz carton of commercial yogurt IF it is PLAIN yogurt and the label says it has LIVE CULTURES in it. Use the freshest available. Mountain High brand PLAIN qualifies.
~6 ounces of yogurt you have made
~Some instructions say to use 5 TBS from your own batch.
~You can vary your yogurt by adding fruits, jams or jellies, just before eating. You can make frozen yogurt by freezing it until it mushy and adding pureed fruit and sweetener and mixing.
~Freeze it on a Popsicle stick or in an ice cube tray.
~NOTE: Some people say you can use a start from yogurt you have made for up to 6 times. Other instructions say only to use your own start once. I’ve never tried to use it more than once, but once does work.


I unfortunately didn’t take good notes on this. I was too busy listening to Lisa R.teaching about it. Here are some links that might be helpful. If you would like more information leave a comment and I can get her to do a guest post on it sometime.





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