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Preparedness Fair

Posted by imawheatwatcher on May 27, 2011

Utah Valley Super Preparedness Fair

Lectures, Demonstrations, Samples, Vendors, Workshops and much more.

SPEAKERS: Roger K. Young, Sarah Menet, Jim Philips, Ken Moravec, Ken Bowers, Rod Meldrum, Vicki Tate, Richard Nielson, Alan South, and many more.

WHEN: Fri-Sat June 3, 4 2011 (Friday: 12noon to 9pm… Saturday:9am to 9pm)

WHERE: Utah Valley University Event Center, in Orem, Utah. (I-15 and University Exit)

COST : $7.50 at the door for 12 and older.

(this tentative schedule is subject to change)


Many of these speakers are considered world class experts, some of
the very best in their areas of expertise.

Food Storage…everything you need to know (cook it, store it, buy it, best deals)
Sprouting…everything about sprouting
Cold Weather Survival

The 4 levels of emergency preparation
Urban Warfare survival
Self Defense …(the do’s and don’ts)
Cooking with Food Storage…easy to prepare tasty, healthy meals from scratch
What does the future hold…the good news and bad news of the next 3-10 years

Nuclear/biological event preparedness
Solar energy
Sustainable energy
“In house” super gardens. (Growing super food inside your house)
Constitutional issues
How to build an ark…5 easy steps (just kidding…sort of)
….and much more

Friday June 3
11:30 Doors Open
12:00–1pm Ken Bowers
1:15–2:30 Richard Neilson
3:00–4:30 Breakout Sessions 1. (Ken Moravec, Dave Noack, Vicki Tate)
5:00–6:00 Breakout Session 2
(Vicki Tate, Kevin Reeve, Farley Anderson)
6:00–7:00 dinner break
7:00–9:30 Roger K. Young

Saturday June 4
9:00am–10:am TBA
10:30–12:00 Jim Philips
12:30–1:30 RJ Hender
1:45–2:45 Breakout Session 3 (Alan South, Farley Anderson, Kevin Reeve)
3:00–5:00 Sarah Menet
5:00–6:00 dinner break
6:00–7:00 Breakout Session 4 (Dave Noack, AVOW, Richard Nielson)
7:15–9:30 Rod Meldrum – TBA

I am not able to make this so if anyone goes could you please fill me in.


One Response to “Preparedness Fair”

  1. Laurel said

    With the lineup of speakers, this looks to be an awesome event, worth the admission price! Could someone possibly take notes for me (on sprouting, urban warfare, good and bad news, constitutional issues, and how to build the ark ;))? I unfortunately will not be able to go! 😡 …

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