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May Wheat Watcher Notes

Posted by imawheatwatcher on May 25, 2011

One correction is that instead of checking your oil every 200 miles you can do it every 1500.

The link isn’t working so I am just going to post the notes. Enjoy!

Wheat Watchers Notes
May 18, 2011


It’s really not that difficult to keep your car in good shape. Here are the basics:
Read your car owner’s manual, it has all the information on car maintenance as well as safety precautions.
– Keep all the fluids (e.g. engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, etc.) clean and topped up.
– Follow your maintenance schedule, there is a number of things that need to be regularly serviced or replaced at certain intervals (e.g. brakes, air filter, timing belt, spark plugs, etc.)
– Check tire pressure regularly.
– Change you windshield wipers if they don’t clean properly.
– Wash and wax your vehicle once in a while to keep the car finish shiny and protected from corrosion. 
– Deal with any problems as soon as they arise, before they become more serious and require expensive repairs.
– Use only original parts.
– At least once a year have your car check out in a garage.

Checking oil levels:
Checking oil levels should be done every 200 hundred miles
The oil level should be between low and full.
If the oil looks black, it is time to change.
If the oil looks brown but clean and trasparent it is fine.
If the oil has a milky brown color then there maybe a leak and you need to get it check out.
If the oil looks ok but is low then you can just top it off. To do this please read the Owner’s Manual to decide what oil is best to use.
Oil should be changed every 5,000 miles.

What could happen if you don’t regularly check your oil and oil levels?
You engine will melt down faster than if you regularly check and change your oil.

Engine Coolant
You can visually check the levels for the engine coolant on most vehicles. It should be between Low and Full.
If you need to open the radiator cap to check the levels, DO NOT DO IT WHEN THE ENGINE IS HOT! Please wait until the engine has cooled down before opening the cap. If it needs to be filled up use the correct coolant for your car.

What could happen if you don’t check the engine coolant?
One example is that if you drive around with low to empty engine coolant your car will stop working. When you take it into the shop they will tell you that you have cracked some heads in your car. It costs big money to fix. Please check this when you check the oil.

Checking on the battery:
Check battery connections when you change or top your oil. Make sure there is no corrosion or breaks in the wires.
If you car won’t start, you can take out your battery and have a local Autozone check the life of it. They usually do it for free.

Replacing Windshield wipers:
This should be done when you can’t see out of you car. I know it sounds basic but if it is done properly it can help reduce accidents in rainy/snow seasons.
Replacing them is pretty easy. Look for the replacement wipers at any auto store. I think Wal Mart even has some.

Tire Pressure:
Check tire pressure regularly, at least once a month
Make sure you have a tire pressure gauge
The recommended tire pressure is in your owners manual or on the tire pressure placard.
They recommend to rotate your tires every 2nd oil change. To reduce excessive wear and tire on the back or front set of tires.
Always measure tire pressure when the tires are still cold.
When you make sure you are driving on properly inflated tires it helps your gas mileage


2 Responses to “May Wheat Watcher Notes”

  1. Laurel said

    K, I’m a goob … Where are the notes? I’m not sure what to click on 😛 …

  2. I don’t think the notes are up. I am having issues with my computer. I will have them up and ready by tonight.

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