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Sun Ovens and CERT

Posted by imawheatwatcher on April 27, 2011

Laurel M. just sent me this information. If you want one you will have to go in and preorder AND prepay. Also there is a CERT meeting on Thursday, April 28th (tomorrow), that is NOT just for CERT people. Here is what Laurel said:

“This month’s meeting (at the Windsor Stk Ctr, about 130 E 1600 N) is about SANITATION, the #1 worst disaster situation, after any disaster has happened. The City Emergency Manager will be teaching.”

Below is the information on the Sun Ovens:

Dear neighbor,

THIS MONTH ONLY: Save now on the Sun Oven! Thanks to Sun Ovens International’s special offer, we will be selling the Sun Oven for an incredible price:

(without pans)


(with pans/WAPI)
Two 3 quart enamel pans
Two baking sheets
Two loaf pans
One water pasteurization indicator (WAPI)

(Regularly priced at $289.95 not including pans or WAPI)

Now is the time to get prepared. This is the best pricing we’ve ever offered on the Sun Oven, and is much cheaper than the online price. Plus, you don’t have to pay for shipping!

You must prepay and preorder to get the Sun Oven at this price (we need to know how many to order!), and must be ordered before May 1st. The ovens will be available to pick up at either of the free Sun Oven classes we will be having in May.

Tuesday, May 10th
Sun Oven Cooking Demonstration
Instructor: Paul Munsen
Time: 2:30 p.m.
Location: Parley’s Hardware

Saturday, May 21st
Sun Oven Cooking Demonstration
Instructor: Paul Munsen
Time: 2:30 p.m.
Location: Parley’s Hardware

Paul Munsen will be teaching the basics of the Sun Oven and will demonstrate how to cook food using the power of the sun. Learn how easy and economical it can be to bake, boil, steam, dehydrate, and sprout using the Sun Oven! Come for free food, too!
Those who attend the classes will be able to get 10% off everything in the store* after the class is over. Also, we will be selling one of the best-selling emergency preparedness books, “Making the Best of Basics,” for a discounted price of $27.95.
To preorder a Sun Oven, call us at 801-822-5200 to pay by credit card, or stop by the store at 260 South 1200 West in Orem.

Don’t miss out on this great deal! Please tell your friends and family or forward this email to them.

Parley’s Hardware
260 South 1200 West
Orem, UT 84058

*10% off in-stock items only. No rainchecks or special orders. Not valid on items already on sale, including the Sun Oven and Making the Best of Basics.

Parley\’s Do it Best Hardware | 260 South 1200 West, Orem, Utah, 84058 | 801-822-5200 – Unsubscribe
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2 Responses to “Sun Ovens and CERT”

  1. Laurel said

    What a great sanitation meeting! Did you know (I’m giving you highlights here) the average human puts out between 2-3 pints of urine and about 1 lb of excrement a day? Now imagine how many people in your house (or in the neighborhood!! :P) … If there was no plumbing, where is all that going to go?

    Four possibilities (and it depends on how long of an emergency it is; a couple days, a month, permanent??):

    Bag it (in HEAVY DUTY bags, with something to soak it up like cat litter, wood ash, newspaper, etc.)
    Burn it (the smells is nasty, and you need fuel to do it, because excretions are 95% water)
    Bury it (AT LEAST 1 ft below, and MUST BE 200 ft or more away from a water source)
    Bio (compose) it – but what a process that is …

    Meanwhile, 3.5 million children a year don’t make it to their 5th birthday because of diarrhea/pneumonia related deaths, due to improper sanitation. We are spoiled in this country (including having TOILET PAPER–how much do YOU have in your storage??), but what if the sewage system failed?

    If it did, there’s story that if you shove a greased tennis or rubber ball in your basement drains, it would keep sewage from infiltrating your house … But think of back pressure. That ball would come shooting back out like a cannon, along with everyone’s business, right into your house (YUCK!) … The EM showed us a way to counter that, if anyone is interested. But this comment is long enough, so, there you go …

    • Laurel, would you like to do a guest post about the meeting? You would just email me the notes and I would put it on the blog. I think it would be helpful if you are up to it?

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