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Water Systems

Posted by imawheatwatcher on April 13, 2011

During March’s WW meeting we discussed a water purification system. This is one type that I have been looking into. It isn’t as big as I mentioned in the meeting. Sorry sometimes my information gets mixed up because I read up on some many products.

Berkey Light Water Filters


2 Responses to “Water Systems”

  1. Lisa said

    I really liked these ones too. It’s been a while since I researched water filters – good to know that you liked the same ones!

  2. AT the Church Distribution Centers, you can buy a water filtration bottle with a filter for $22 (tax free). Seychelle’s pamphlet says it will filter up to 999.9% of harmful contaminants for up to 200 gallons . I use this when I do emergency preparedness presentations for wards and stakes. It is one that will fit in the net pouch on the side of a backpack. You can order more small filters for it from the company (not all Distribution Centers have extra filters).

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