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March Giveaway

Posted by imawheatwatcher on March 29, 2011

I am so excited! This blog has hit it’s 300th blog post! In honor of the big celebration I am doing a giveaway.

How to enter: Leave a comment telling me what you are doing to be more prepared. It can be ANYTHING you are doing!

It is going to a great prize! No, I am not going to tell you. What would be the fun in that?

Good Luck!

The giveaway ends at 10:30 pm (MST) and I will announce the winner on tomorrow’s post!


7 Responses to “March Giveaway”

  1. karmen said

    First and foremost I am trying to follow your plan for one thing a week. Secondly, this very week I am going to go through my storage, organize it and see what needs updating. Thank goodness for all my efforts lately as Rodrigo was laid off from his job a week ago. I was a little freaked out at first but then I looked at my storage and felt peaceful. We have done what we can now I just have to trust Heavenly Father to make up the difference:) So grateful for Wheat Watchers!!!!

  2. April said

    I’m trying to store things I actually know how to use, and then use them on a regular basis to keep things rotating. It’s been working well so far, but I need to take inventory and replace some things.

  3. Jillian said

    I’m updating my wish list with the things I know I need to get, not necessary so others will get them for me, but so I have it all listed in one place. That way when I have a little extra here and there I can just get one thing at a time off the list.

  4. melissa said

    I Rotate my 72 hour kits every six months during general conference and I buy just a couple food storage items every time I go to the store.

  5. *LyndiLou* said

    YAY for giveaways! 😀

    When it comes to being more prepared one of the best things I’ve done is read this blog. Seriously… I love having small approachable ways to prepare instead of huge goals to reach.

    Something I’ve tried to do better at is having a menu. I’ve been keeping track of what we eat so I can start planning ahead better. This helps with shopping/budgeting and will help us know what things to get at Case Lot sales. We’ve also planted fruit trees and will do a garden so that we have food that way too. I don’t know much about it, but I’m going to learn because we’ve been told it’s important to do. 🙂

  6. Jo Taylor said

    I need to work on my 72hr kits. There are some things I want to learn how to do.

  7. Lisa said

    Hmmm, I realized I was a little over zealous on my purchase of short term items (brown rice and rolled oats) some has gone bad before I’ve used it. So, I’m purchasing in smaller increments now! Trying to keep up on my wheat, remembering to use dry beans (haven’t quite got that one down yet!) and re-evaluate my 3-month everyday use storage that I’ve gotten way behind on and want to take advantage of the case lots before they end!

    I’m tired just thinking about all of that, one day at a time (or maybe one week at a time at the rate I’m going)

    Thanks Kathy for getting me really thinking about where I’m at!

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