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Item of the Week

Posted by imawheatwatcher on November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Every Thursday I will post an “Item of the Week” to assemble our Preparedness kits. Don’t worry if you have just started and we are half way through the list. This will continue on a loop so we will eventually get back to the beginning. Start when you can, do what you can, and we will become prepared.

Right now we are gathering items for: Car Kits

This week get a small copy of the Book of Mormon or a book. There will be times that you are waiting for someone or you are stuck in a bad storm and you will be glad you have something to read. The Book of Mormon is a great thing to have because it will bring comfort if you are in an emergency situation. I decided to have both in my car.


2 Responses to “Item of the Week”

  1. Karmen said

    I never thought of this and I love it. I’m doing it today. Question. what kind of thing do you suggest for storing your items for a car kit? My first aid kit came in a nice container but there is a lot more than first aid that i need…Thanks!

    • I actually bought a container that is designed to help reduce clutter in the back of your car. It is found in the car section of Target or Walmart. Or you can get a plastic file folder holder that is in the school supply section.

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