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A Well Stocked Pantry

Posted by imawheatwatcher on March 11, 2009

Creating a well stocked pantry

Church guidelines

  1. 3-Month Supply – Gradually build a small supply of food that is part of your normal, daily diet until it is sufficient for 3-months.

  2. Store drinking water – 2 week supply per person (One gal. Per person per day – cooking only, two+ gal. Per person per day – cooking & hygiene.)

  3. Financial reserve – Establish a financial reserve by setting aside a little money each week, and gradually increase to a reasonable amount.

  4. Longer-term supply – Once families have achieved the first three objectives, they are counseled to expand their efforts, as circumstances allow, into a supply of long- term basic foods such as grains, legumes, and other staples.            (Pamphlet: All is Safely Gathered In and Ensign Mar 2009, pgs. 57-8)

Thoughts to ponder –

  • To have greatest benefit from your stocked pantry, decide on a menu planning system THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU and follow it. This will ensure you have the proper amounts of food required to cook your meals.

  • Create a shopping list from your menu plan. Purchase those items gradually as they go on sale.

  • Shop store sales, use coupons, take advantage of promotions and group purchases to get more and spend less.

  • Check expiration dates on EVERYTHING. Only purchase the amount your family will use BEFORE that date.

  • Try to store one quantity more than you need (store 8 if you need 7) then you will never “run out”.

  • Use items from your storage daily and replenish your supply as those items are on sale again. This creates a natural rotation of your food storage.

  • Initially, DO NOT purchase or store foods your family will not eat. FOCUS on increasing the amounts of the foods you already purchase each week at the grocery store. Your current shopping list is your greatest building tool.

  • Learn to cook with longer term storage items. Gradually include these items in your meals and food storage purchases. These truly are the building blocks of a healthy diet and long term food storage solution.

  • Be creative (and correct) with your storage methods and places. You may not be able to store ALL your water in blue barrels or soda pop bottles. Use a variety of safe methods.


One Response to “A Well Stocked Pantry”

  1. I’ve been through six natural disasters and terrorism with four small children. It is important to think “light weight” when you are doing all of your kits.
    For the kids, take an old sweatshirt and sew the cuffs together at the wrists and then each wrist together; sew the hem together. Fill with light weight things parents might think they need to carry. Kids can “bear the burden” with light things. Hang the sweatshirt on a nail by the door (where you have also hung that extra set of important keys and flashlight). When an evacauation is necessary (most of the time you will shelter-in), you just drop the kid’s sweatshirt over his/her head and out you go–no messing with backpack straps that tend to slid off and slow you down.

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