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Pandemic Preparedness

Posted by imawheatwatcher on March 4, 2009

(repost from Oct. 24, 2008)
Please view the Pandemic Preparedness Video produced by BYU-Idaho to prepare their students and faculty. The video is 17 min. long but is very informative. Thanks Sis. D for finding and sharing this with us.

BYU-Idaho Pandemic Preparedness Video

There are many ways to learn about pandemic flu outbreak. You can find several informative and instructional documents from providentliving.org to know what we have been counseled to prepare. The pandemicflu.gov web site site gives more information about what the national and local governments are doing to prepare. Please visit and click around to inform yourself further.

I would like to focus on what we need to do to prepare. Each of our homes should have a pandemic kit including items similar to those shown here in this commercially available kit.

(New Post March 3, 2009)

OUR SUPER SATURDAY kits will include the following: (click links for more info)

100 Nitrile exam gloves (nitrile to avoid latex allergies)
Chemical splash-guard goggles
Hand sanitizer
30 Shoe covers
Heavy duty cleaning gloves
Gatorade (patient hydration)
This kit is more expensive than the other SS kits offered, the respirators and exam gloves are the bulk of that cost.  It is still less than what is available through retail stores.

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