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FIRE Safety Month

Posted by imawheatwatcher on October 14, 2008

A friend and neighbor some of you may know attended a fire safety presentation last week shared this information on her blog. I asked permission to share it here too. These are all good reminders to keep ourselves and our family safe in a fire. Thanks L for letting me post this again.

Top 6 Rooms/Areas Fires Start
1. Kitchen
2. Laundry Room/Furnace Room
3. Bedroom
4. Family Room
5. Garage
6. Attic

Things You Need to do Every 6 Months
1. Change the batteries & test smoke alarms
2. Clean Behind your Refrigerator,
3. Clean the dryer hose
4. Shake up your Fire Extinguisher (that red thing)
5. Practice Fire Drills

Misconceptions about House Fires
1. A fire is not going to happen to me. (Fact: In your lifetime you will encounter an average of 3 fires at home)
2. There is plenty of time to escape. (Fact: You have about a 1-5 minute time frame. 5 if you are lucky)
3. Only large fires kill. (Fact: the small fires are just as deadly)
4. My smoke alarm will always sound in time. (Fact: 55.8% of smoke alarms fail to work in the event of an actual fire.)
Yep, you read that right 55.8% of smoke alarms fail to work in the event of an actual fire. When he said that everyone there freaked. That is a scarily high number.
Did you know that 4 1/2 Million homes are destroyed in the USA every year because of house fires?
You should have a minimum of 1 working, up kept in your home all the time.
Most home fires occur between midnight and 6 am.
The first danger in a house fire is the lack of oxygen.
One of the things they kept stressing is doing a with your family. They suggest 2 times a year, but the more often you practice, the more likely your family will escape unharmed. And, using the excuse that you have little children is just that, an excuse. Your babies are never too young to know the importance of a fire drill, and if you practice, they will get it too. Along with that, they explained to do as you say…meaning, don’t say this isn’t a real fire….but act like there really is a fire. And, especially if your kids spend the night at Grandpa and Grandmas house…encourage your parents to have a fire escape plan as well.
They told a story about a woman who attended a presentation in Nov of 2004, and 6 days later her 6 year old daughter was killed when their home caught fire. That really hit home. We don’t know when things are going to happen. Tonight, next week, in ten years. But, if we prepare ourselves (as our prophet has been encouraging us to do) then instead of loosing what is most important to us we might just loose our house or maybe our big screen TV.
Make a fire escape plan.
Practice with your whole family…drill it into their heads.
Protect your family by making sure your smoke alarms are up to date and working properly….and just hope yours isn’t one of the 55.8% that fail.

This is a video shown at the Fire Suppression CERT classes. Watch the time carefully.

Here’s another one that shows flashover happening.


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