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    Wheat Watchers meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday at 7:00 pm at Kathy's house.

    We've talked the talk, now it's time to walk the walk. I'm letting the blog, newsletter and e-mail do most of the talking and leaving the meetings open for much more DOING!

  • Upcoming Events:

    • TUES April 17 - Homemade Mixes
    • TUES May 15 - TBA
    • TUES June 19 - TBA
    • TUES July 17 - TBA
    • RUES August 21 - TBA
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Emergency Sources of Water

Posted by imawheatwatcher on September 26, 2008

You can minimize the amount of water your body needs by reducing activity and staying cool. Avoid water with floating material, an odor, or dark color. Do not drink flood water (water has already flooded the sewers and is contaminated.) Be sure to purify the water before drinking it. Sources of water include:


  • Melted ice cubes
  • Water drained from the hot water heater if it has not been damaged.
  • Water from the flush tank (not the bowl) of home toilets. Bowl water may be used for pets.
  • If water to the house has been interrupted, turn off the main water valve, empty the pipes by turning on a faucet on the highest level of your home to let in air, and then turn on a faucet in the lowest level of your home.


  • Rainwater
  • Moving bodies of water like streams and rivers
  • Ponds and lakes
  • Natural springs

(from Utah Department of Public Safety: Personal and Family Preparedness)


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